Pant Alterations in Ann Arbor

Tailoring is required to make most brand new pants fit perfectly. Alteration often comes in where you have a pair of pants you already own that you want to fit better.

Pant alteraions usually involved one of three modifications:

1. Changing the waist
2. Changing the side seam of the leg at some point
3. Changing the leg length

More involved pant alterations sometimes include replacing zippers, removing pockets, or adding or removing cuffs. Obviously adding cuffs can be a bit of a challenge if matching fabric isn't available. Contrasting cuffs are a style question that requires some serious discussion!

Making these alterations to a quality pair of pants or slacks is virtually always less expensive than buying a new pair.

We would be happy to discuss these pant tailoring options as well as how some different pant fabric will work with tailoring or size adjustements. Just give us a call or come by.

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