Suit Alterations in Ann Arbor

As a first principle a suit should fit you, not the other way around. Your choice of alterations should be based on your body type and comfort more than whatever the fashion trends of the day may be.

In general terms the shoulders should end at the edge of the deltoids, creating a line that drops naturally from the shoulder down to the cuff.

The coat length should be such that when you have your hands by your side the coat should end about where your the tip of your thumb is. Another way to judge length is to look at the bottom hem of the suit from behind. That hem should be approximately half way between your shoulders and the bottom of your pant cuffs.

The location of the buttons is also important in creating a perfectly tailored suit. The correct button point makes a great deal of difference when you sit down as it will separate the bottom half of the suit from the top half and keep the suit from bunching up.

There is much more to suit alterations. We would be happy to discuss these options as well as how some different suit fabric will work with tailoring or size adjustements. Just give us a call or come by.

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