Bridal Dress Alterations in Ann Arbor

Bridal party dress fitting and tailoring is an important aspect of the wedding preparations.

We've helped many individuals and groups with their dress alteration needs and we have an ability to make your bridesmaids feel comfortable with the process.

We obvously pay special attention to wedding dresses and the effort in alterations to make brides look and feel great on their wedding day.

We work well with individuals and groups and can help coordinate the fitting process.

We've been doing tailoring and custom clothing production for 20 years. Come in and let's talk.

I know we can help you have a great wedding day with a beautiful and well fitting dresses for your bridesmaids!

Nonpareil Studio is located at:
208 1/2 S Fourth Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48104.

Phone: 734.327.1837