Wedding Dress Alterations in Ann Arbor

Weddings are obviously very special times.

There is no better time to look your best in the clothes you wear so wedding dress alterations are almost always done.

Typically alterations are done on an existing dress. Sometimes the dress is new, sometimes it is something that has been in the family, sometimes nobody knows the exact history of a dress. One thing is clear however, dresses must be carefully treated to look their best on the wedding day.

Alterations are almost always needed in the three basic areas: Dress length, Chest, and shoulder height.

Often many more alterations are needed, and this is where it becomes very important to work with an experienced tailor who can make those alterations with style and quality.

We've been doing tailoring and custom clothing production for 20 years. Come in and let's talk.

I know we can help you have a great wedding day with a beautiful and well fitting dress!

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