Dress Tailoring in Ann Arbor

Basic dress tailoring at its most basic often involves changing the length and modifying the wasteline.

The process can often be simple depending on the materials and cut of the dress, however if a dress needs more significant alterations we are well prepared to handle that also.

Somtimes a more significant change is needed to get a dress to fit properly and look good. This might even involve modifying a neckline or changing a strapless design into a more conventional thin strap style.

If you are in the process of buying a suit you will also want to consider the style. Today we have two button and three button suits and we even still see double breased suits for unique situations.

If you are not interested in following fashion trends you will want to choose a classic suit. If you want something with more zip consider looking through some fashion magazines to see what is new this season.

We would be happy to discuss these dress tailoring options as well as how a dress fabric will work with a particulare style and drape. Just give us a call or come by.

Nonpareil Studio is located at:
208 1/2 S Fourth Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48104.

Phone: 734.327.1837